S3WaaS Brochure


Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas – a major objective of the Government which, can only be realized through barrier free and round the clock delivery of information and services right on the devices of the citizen through this initiative of Digital India.

Districts are the key entities in the government structure where actual execution of schemes and programmes take place and district level websites is an implicit cyber space and an important link between the administration and citizen. S3Waas has been envisaged to bridge this gap and built with an objective to empower the District Administration to generate, configure, deploy and manage secure, scalable and accessible websites for publishing district specific information and services without much effort and technical knowhow.

S3Waas – Secure, Scalable and Sugamya Website as a Service is a website generating framework based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model hosted on the National Cloud of NIC. It leverages technology to generate secure websites which are highly customizable and seamlessly deployed on a scalable and completely software defined infrastructure.


S3WaaS is a fully integrated lifecycle management solution that not only simplifies initial creation and deployment to go live but also automatically takes care of periodic application updates and security patches. S3Waas is built on cutting edge Open Source Technology stacks, a complete SaaS solution that includes WordPress CMS, Docker, Kubernetes,Ceph, SDN, DNS, lifecycle management and LMA tools (logging – monitoring – alerting).


S3WaaS enables a set of themes and templates those have been meticulously designed with an eye on maintaining a correct balance of elements to produce a vibrant interface. Each pre-designed template comes with a Content Management System (CMS) on WordPress and offers the following features:

  • Contemporary look and feel with a responsive
  • interface that adapts to a variety of screen sizes.
  • Developed on a standardized Information Architecture (IA) suited to District Website.
  • Fully customizable home page in terms of IA, Branding, Layout and Colours.
  • Each theme and template is componentized, with a flexibility of adding, removing and customizing components anytime during the website lifecycle using an intuitive interface.
  • Packed with a set of major modules provisioning a fully functional website out of the box.
  • Bilingual (Local Language/English) Interface and content enabled for all themes.
  • Content Management System provides proper authentication of published content through a simple two stage easy to use workflow for content creation/updation and approval/publishing.
  • Seamless cyber security audit clearance of generated websites to enable go live.
  • Integrated Search for easy and fast discoverability of published content.


S3WaaS themes and templates have been developed using the best coding practices to ensure that it meets the highest standards in terms of quality, usability and accessibility. All themes and templates are compliant to the Guidelines for Indian Government Websites (GIGW) and have been certified by STQC ensuring websites generated using S3WaaS don’t have to undergo long certification process to obtain the Certified Website Quality (CQW) from STQC. However, certification would be required only for the migrated/added content.


S3WaaS is built on Software Defined Infrastructure for smooth provisioning hosting, compute, storage and networking. Users need not to worry about the infrastructure procurement/allocation and its management but should focus entirely on quality of content.

  • Built on containers using Open Source Tools
  • Agile and Scalable with Auto Healing and Auto Scaling
  • Seamless cyber security audit clearance of generated websites
  • Seamless deployment, scaling and monitoring of each generated website
  • Automatic configuring of each website on software defined Load Balancer
  • Static content published on an software defined Object Storage with replication
  • Automatic updates for security patches and core updates of WordPress and Plug-ins
  • Automatic SSL certificate generation for each website to provide access on Secured Layer
  • Dashboard for real time log monitoring and website analytics for insights into website usage


  • Visit https://s3waas.gov.in
  • Login with official email address (gov.in or nic.in)
  • Select a website template that best suits the requirement of the district
  • Provide key details of the Website such as
  • Technical Contact (to function as Administrator Website) –
  • Administrative Contact (Website Owner)
  • Customize the Site
  • Add/Arrange/Customize Site Components
  • Add Content (Text, Image, Audio, Video and more)
  • Make Site Live


A4B4, 3rd Floor
National Informatics Centre
A-Block, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, 110003 INDIA
Email : s3waas[dot]support[at]gov[dot]in
Website : https://s3waas.gov.in