Creating a Website through S3WaaS

S3WaaS is an online service developed for government entities to generate Secure, Scalable & Sugamya websites. It enables government entities to choose from various templates for generating websites as well as customizing and managing the content without any technical know-how, thus empowering them to maintain their online presence.

This website is Designed, Developed, Hosted and Maintained by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India.

Government entities requiring websites that are primarily informational can use the S3WaaS framework to generate and host websites under the GOV.IN or NIC.IN domain. In order to generate a website users need to contact s3waas[dot]support[at]gov[dot]in. The different onboarding models are as under

  • Free of cost: S3WaaS is offered free of cost for websites of District administration, Raj Bhawan, State Portal, Divisional Commissioner and Chief Ministers.
  • Paid Model: Offered for bulk websites in slabs of upto 25, 50, 75 or 100.

24×7 support desk could be contacted in case of any problems either through toll free phone number 1800-111-555 or on mail to s3waas[dot]support[at]gov[dot]in.

Process to deploy website on S3WaaS

The following steps are required to complete the process of creating, deploying, configuring, updating content and making the website live on S3WaaS portal at

Choose a template and build a website instance

This action is to create a new website instance. In order to generate a website instance authorized technical contact must first login to S3WaaS ( using an official email address with the extension or Once logged in, technical contact needs to perform few steps to create a website instance.

  • Preview and select a template
  • Enter websites details such as Website Name, Primary Url, alias url, bilingual language
  • Technical and administrative contact details

Website instance would be generated with an auto-generated URL which can be accessed through S3WaaS dashboard.

Customize website and migrate the content

User (Technical Contact) can customize (site identity, logo, banners, menus as per the requirement) and populate content in the website instance immediately after creation. Users needs to send migration review request to S3WaaS team at s3waas[dot]support[at]gov[dot]in to conduct accessibility/quality audit once content is populated by the technical contact. Website can go live only after migration review is approved by S3WaaS team.

Generate Authorization Letter

User (Technical Contact) needs to download/upload the Authorization letter through S3WaaS dashboard only after contact details verification of the Technical and Administrative Contact and needs to upload it on S3WaaS dashboard for admin approval. The Authorization Letter along with terms & conditions needs to be printed on the official letterhead of the Administrative Contact before signing, stamping and scanning in PDF format.

Website DNS, Security clearance and Make the website live

User (Technical Contact) may apply for DNS automatically through dashboard or through Once DNS entry is completed, Technical Contact can automatically generate a security certificate and make the website live through S3WaaS dashboard.